Most of us who have embarked been on a weight loss quest have probably been conscious of calories. While it is good to take notice of what you put into your body for health purposes, focusing on calories is not a healthy or useful way to go about things.

Calorie counting can quickly become an obsession leading you to feel the need to track everything that you eat. Measuring food. Writing down numbers. It becomes pretty monotonous and exhausting and there are always better things we can be doing than obsessing over meaningless numbers.

Humans are the only animals that engage in this kind of obsessive behaviour around food. It has turned food into a bit of an enemy for many. I want us to get away from this mentality, particularly because watching calories isn’t an effective means of weight maintenance or weight loss.

While long-term over consumption of calories will lead to weight gain, numbers are not the only determining factor of our weight. Your body isn’t just a set of kitchen scales. It is a complex organism that processes different sources of energy in very different ways.

All calories are not equal and thanks to our metabolic hormones calories from carbohydrate, protein and fat behave very differently in the body. So just focusing on numbers is a far too simplistic way to approach weight loss.

I am determined to get people eating real food and develop a healthy and happy relationship with the stuff that nourishes them. I want people to forget about unnecessary stresses like calorie counting, because it really does just make life miserable and make weight-loss more difficult. To get you started on why calorie counting is a waste of time, I have two important articles about calories and our metabolic hormones, which explains why calories all behave differently. Another good place to start is with my articles explaining that Humans are Animals too!! Like animals our metabolic function is far more complex than a numbers game. It is dependent on a series of intricate hormones and chemical reactions.

Read these articles to discover why you can relax and give up trying to record numbers.

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