It is no secret that proper planning and preparation is the key to eating well. Taking a healthy lunch to work might be a goal that many strive for but struggle to achieve. However, if you’re committed then bringing in lunch will save a tonne of money and support good productivity by helping you avoid blood sugar crashes.

Here are my top 3 lunch ideas that you can prepare in bulk and ensure your healthy eating habits are maintained during the work week.

1. Roast vegetables

Roasting a load of vegetables the night before is an excellent time saver. You can roast anything! Potato, parsnip, beetroot, Brussel sprouts, pumpkin…the list goes on.

Simply cut up your vegetables, coat them in a quality fat, generously salt and then cook in the oven at 180°C for about 25-minutes or until the vegetables are tende. Do an extra portion with dinner or ahead of time and then have as part of breakfast and lunch.

Be sure to always use saturated fats for cooking. The chemical structure of saturated fat (ie no double bonds) means that these fats are safest for cooking and will not easily oxidise.

Saturated fats for cooking: coconut oil, beef dripping, lard, ghee and butter (although butter has a lower smoke point so shouldn’t be heated very much).

For a quick an easy meal put together your roast vegetables, spinach and some meat. Add butter if you have heating facilities or some oliver oil and vinegar if you’re going to eat it cold. A balanced, delicious and nutrient dense meal.

2. Big green salads

Sometimes I will make a huge green salad at the start of the week that will last for a few days. Use baby spinach, rocket or other salad leaves as the base and add cucumber, tomato and maybe some olives.

Each day all you have to do is whip some protein and serve it with a portion of your massive salad. Try prepreared superfoodballs or a can of fish like sardines with their bones. Fish that contain bones are one of the best sources of bio-available calcium, far superior to what you will get from a glass of milk.

Drown your salad in some good quality oil.

For salad dressings this includes any oil that has been cold-pressed, not creating by a damaging process involving heat. Try cold-pressed:
-Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

– Avocado oil

– Walnut, macadamia or almond oil

To bulk up a green salad so that it will fill you up, consider adding avocado, fetta cheese or roasted vegetables.

3. Pre-prepared meat

Left over meat is an excellent way to bulk up a meal and add fat and protein that will keep you full. Filling up on quality animal products keeps your carbohydrate consumption low, which prevents surges and spikes in blood sugar. Managing blood sugar in turn supports mental clarity and productivity.

Use any of these recipes to prepare a large quantity of nutrient dense meat that you can take for multiple lunches throughout the week.

Offal meatballsthese are literally like a real-food version of a B-vitamin complex. My recipe makes up to sixty meatballs that you can freeze and will last for months worth of lunches.

Roast pork – pork is a great meat to take in for lunch because it is so nice and fatty! When reheated it maintains its juiciness and lots of flavour.

Roast lamb






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