How your body breaks down food is just as important as what you're eating

Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” 

We are only just beginning to understand just how right he was!

None of our systems exist in isolation and the gut is pivotal to overall health. You can eat the best diet in the world, but if you don’t digest and absorb nutrients properly then you will not thrive. 

Functional medicine looks at the synergistic relationship of each system in our body and how this impacts our health. Recent research has revealed that gut health can be linked to seemingly unrelated conditions such as mental health problems, heart disease, skins conditions and autoimmune disease. It is an exciting time as we discover ways to improve our health through nurturing this important system. 


Real facts about detox: part I

What is detoxification? Detoxification is the way that our bodies heal and repair themselves. As chemical organisms, detoxification is the natural process by which our body removes toxins that can cause harm to our various systems. This is an ongoing process that...

How chronic stress can kill you

We live in a world full of stress -busy jobs, tight finances, relationships. But our bodies can’t tell the difference between chronic emotional stress, and a life threatening situation. In this article I will teach you about the very important parasympathetic vs sympathetic states and how these stress responses effect every cell in your body. 

How to build healthy neurotransmitters & mental health

In part II of my mental health articles we look in detail at neurotransmitters. What are they, what are they made from and how can I support healthy production. This will challenge the accepted paradigm around mental health. Do not miss this.

Good nutrition will support mental health…here’s how

We all know someone that suffers from anxiety or depression and the common solution is to write a prescription. Mental health is treated the same as other chronic physical conditions, we are told to take a pill. Rarely is there any investigation of what could be the root cause of our mental health troubles. But we cannot overlook the role of nutrition in supporting mental health.

How to properly prepare your body for a detox

A huge number of toxins are processed by the digestive system and eliminated as waste products. Due to the digestive system’s role as a major detoxification path, it is critical that it is working effectively before a detox is commenced to ensure that toxins are...

Our skeleton and blood acidity (pH)

The body’s skeletal system serves a multitude of functions far in excess of providing structural support. One of they key functions of the skeleton is to act as a storage facility for our body’s mineral supply and through this serve as a key regulator in our blood pH...

The truth about heartburn

The current paradigm is wrong!  It is common knowledge that if you experience heartburn (a burning sensation in the oesophagus), then you should take an antacid. If the problem becomes ongoing then a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) might be a good solution. This logic is...

Digestion I: the key to good health

It might seem obvious and straight-forward, but digestion is one of the most basic foundations of good health. This incredible process, through which our body extracts nutrients from food, is responsible for sustaining our very survival. Digestion is a series of...

All about the gut microbiome

In part II of the gut health series we learn all about the bacteria that inhabit the human gut microbiome and why balance is so crucial for your health. We cover two common conditions that stem from gut flora imbalances.

Everything you need to know about leaky gut

The human gut is becoming one of the hottest topics in research. In this article we learn why gut health is so important and all about the increasingly common condition, leaky gut.

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