Uncovering the truth behind years of dietary misinformation

Carbohydrate is an essential energy source…

Recently, however, there has been a bit of ‘carb confusion’ circulating the diet and health worlds. Some people say no-carb, some people say low-carb and others say eat all the carbs! In my opinion there are no hard and fast rules – even for any one person. Sometimes it will suit your body to eat less carbohydrates and other times more will be necessary. This can fluctuate along with your physical exertion and the amount of stress you experience in your life. Women and men need difference levels of carbs too.

What I want to teach you about is not how much carbohydrate you should be eating, but how to choose the best sources. Not all carbs are created equal and some foods are far superior carbohydrate sources than others. 

Popular articles on carbohydrate and grains

How grains disrupt digestion

Although grains are promoted as a dietary staple they contain many components that humans simply cannot digestion. Compounds such as lectins, phytates and saponins are designed to protect the grain and ensure survival of the species. But how does this go for humans? The answer is not so great. Understand how grains disrupt digestion in this quick guide.

5 reasons grains are not a health food: part II

There are a myriad of reasons why grains are not an appropriate staple in the human diet. Starting with why human digestive systems are not built for grains, this article explores some of the other physiological reasons why grains are not a health food and why other foods that have long been demonised should have a place in our diets.

5 Reasons why Grains are not a Health Food: Part I

In this article I want to dispel the myth that grains are a wholesome, healthy food. In part I we look at the nutritional profile of grains and why removing some of them from your diet is a healthy choice.

Five inflammatory foods that are doing you damage

Food can be the most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you will know just how much the food we eat impacts our health. But some of the things we eat on a daily basis are some of the most...

5 quick reasons to avoid grains

Avoiding grains will have many health benefits. In today’s article I explore the macronutrient problems as well as the inflammatory components of grains. We also have a quick look at the environmental problems associated with farming huge monocrops like grains.

Why high blood sugar is toxic

We are inundating our bodies with refined carbohydrates and have not evolved to cope. Learn exactly what happens to sugar in your body and why it is TOXIC.
Dysregulated blood sugar could be the key thing preventing you from losing weight and enjoying stable moods and energy. This is a must read.

Carbohydrate and insulin: get to know your hunger hormones

Different foods trigger a different hormonal response in the body with impacts on how we metabolise and utilise the energy from food. Sounds pretty complicated, but it is something important to get your head around! Failure to manage insulin and carbohydrate can result in a host of metabolic issues like diabetes and obesity.
Learn all about how insulin works they way it impacts weight loss and management in this easy-to-understand article.

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