Functional Nutrition

Feeling fatigued, depressed and overweight is common, but it isn’t normal.

Nutritional therapy is about identifying potential imbalances and using food to correct them.

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."

Anna Wigmore

Recent articles

Why our ancestors would not recognise today’s “food”

Today the western diet bears little resemblance to what our bodies have evolved to eat. While we might like to think of ourselves as completely different to our ancestors of 40,000 years ago, the truth is 99.9% of our genetics are the same! Of course our intelligence...

Calories: nutrition basics you need to know

Weight management is far more complex than a simple calories in = calories out equation. You can’t out think your body, you need to work with its hormones. Today we look at one of the very basics of diet and weight loss.
Starting with calories, we examine nutrition basics over three articles to help you.

Adrenal fatigue – everything you need to know

“Adrenal fatigue” refers to a cluster of conditions where the adrenal glands become overworked and unable to produce the right balance of hormones. In a society where we value hard work, deal with financial stress and often don’t meet our nutritional needs, the occurrence of stress related fatigue is epidemic. In this article I cover the basics of adrenal fatigue and why it is critical that we all de-stress a little to support our physical and mental health.

How grains disrupt digestion

Although grains are promoted as a dietary staple they contain many components that humans simply cannot digestion. Compounds such as lectins, phytates and saponins are designed to protect the grain and ensure survival of the species. But how does this go for humans? The answer is not so great. Understand how grains disrupt digestion in this quick guide.

Latest recipes

Lemon baked chicken with olives

This lemon baked chicken is a really easy one tray dish. The lemon and olives give the chicken give this dish a sharp, tangy flavour and the chicken fat combined with white wine and stock creates a nice gravy.
We can get rid of the idea that lean chicken breast is the healthiest choice of meat. It’s so boring! Thighs and wings are fattier and far more nutrient dense cuts.

Sweet potato hash

Whipping up a sweet potato and carrot hash for breakfast is a quick way to get a delicious and balanced meal on the table. It goes perfectly with any kind of eggs and will make a great accompaniment for leftovers!

Tasty paleo hemp protein balls

hese paleo hemp protein balls are an absolute winner in terms of health, flavour and convenience. Hemp protein contains a number of essential amino acids, including methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, leucine and more. Essential amino acids are those that our body cannot make so we must consume them from food. 

Bacon coated kale chips

Sick of hearing about this so-called ‘super food’ Kale, but not knowing what to do with it? What if I tempt you with.... bacon!? Kale is deemed a ‘super food’ because it has a rich nutritional profile. And bacon is...bacon. Kale is an excellent source of vitamins B1,...

Warm kale and pumpkin salad

This warm kale salad was the result of me clearing out the vegetables in the fridge. The kale and pumpkin work well together and the tahini-honey dressing goes perfectly. Serve this as a side at a dinner party or as your lunch + protein.

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